360° photobooth

A unique experience from every angle!

A unique and innovative concept in Europe

Bring a magic and original touch to all your events (wedding, seminar, birthday, business, etc.).

The Photobooth 360 creates videos in selfie mode with slow motion effects all visible LIVE.

Guaranteed fun for all your guests!

Nos formules

Plateforme et bras rotatif

Disponible en 80/100cm. Utilisable avec tout type d'appareil

A partir de 1990 € Htva

(Possibilité de payer en 3 fois)

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Solution All in One

Plateforme et bras rotatif + Iphone + Sharing station + Ipad

A partir de 3690 € Htva

(Possibilité de payer en 3 fois)

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Plateforme + SharingStation

Plateforme et bras rotatif + Sharing Station + Ipad

A partir de 2990 € Htva

(Possibilité de payer en 3 fois)

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Our 360 photobooths are very easy to use. Assembling the rotating arm only takes a few minutes and it is easy to get started.

You can use the photobooth 360 using your smartphone as a camera (using the appropriate application). If you want a professional result, however, we advise you to use an Ipad and a GoPro camera.

The iPad is provided with the 360 ​​Chaktok application.

This is directly connected to the platform (via bluetooth) and will allow your customers to launch the video process without outside intervention.

The Ipad will also serve as your Sharing Station, your customers uploading their video using Qr Code.

Your guests scan and save their videos easily

The result is processed in around 30 seconds or less and attendees can take ownership of the video on the spot.

You will need to scan 2 QR codes. Most phones can scan them directly with the camera.

The first QR code will connect you to our local network. QR code number 2 will take you directly to the clip you just recorded.

This method of sharing does not depend on the Internet and can work without problems in areas where there is no GSM or WiFi signal.


Investment amortized in a few rentals

Quick setup

Innovate and Surprise with Photobooth 360

Entertainment guaranteed for your guests

Instant video download

Lots of memories with Photobooth 360